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INVITATION FOR FRIENDSHIP Whence we come and whither we go? I wonder if there is anyone who knows this? We neither remember from where we have come nor we exactly know where to go. .Of course there have been so many people coming and naturally going . We are like the passengers in the waiting room waiting for their turns . One day that last day will come. Before that day.. I decided not to wait. I ease my heart to the destitute love now. To tell the truth, I am not interested in who you are and what you are. Your color may be white or black .. Or yellow or red.. You may have slanting eyes or Arab.. If you have toothache, know that I care for you. You may live in Africa or in the poles or you may be called George in America, Hans in Germany, Helga in England, Ahmad in Egypt, Yakoob in Israel, Ceng in China, Wang in Japan.. If you care, then know that I care for you. Your ethnic identity, your thoughts.. Your country, your flag.. Your power, your nation.. Tobe honest I am not very interested in those things. If you know to cry, I care for you. If you feel a pain of a thorn in your hand then you will know that I care for you. If you want to smile when you see a rose. If you want to fly when you see a bird If you want to touch the stars when you look at the sky.. Meanwhile if you care a destitute child's face.. Know that I care for you. Furthermore if you know how to love.. I offer you my hand, my friend. I want you to become like me, me to become like you.. Like two souls in one body..